What will we do?

We will cross the Interlagos Route, visiting the Ullum Dam, the Interlagos Dam and finally returning through the Zonda Valley

How it starts ..

We will start by taking one of the main arteries of the city, which divides it into North and South, Avenida del Libertador General San Martín. Once in it, we will pass by the side of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento's Birthplace, continuing west we will pass through the Civic Center of San Juan, in front of it is the Legislature, the city park and the museum of fine arts. Continuing along the same Avenue we will arrive at the foot of the dam of the Ullum Dam, where we will take a few minutes to walk and take photos. We continue along the route bordering the Ullum Dam, observing the water on one side and the desert on the other. Depending on the weather we can enter a hidden beach with 4x4 access. We will continue along the route passing the town of Ullúm until we reach our final destination, the Punta Negra Dam. There we will stop to look for a corner and share some rich Mates on the shore of the Dike. On the way back we will take the road to the Zonda Valley, passing through vineyards until we reach the Autódromo y Jardín de los Poetas. At the end of the tour, being in the city again we will end up passing in front of the Bicentennial Theater.

What we include

  • Foods
Mattes and food to share
I mean
  • Transport
Transportation from where they request it and then I will take them back to where they request it.