What will we do?

We will visit part of the Wine Route, we will visit 4 emblematic wineries in the province, each with different qualities. Graffingia Winery, Chamapñera Miguel Más, Merced del Estero and Finca Sierras Azules Winery

How it starts ..

We will begin the experience visiting the historic Graffigna winery, here they will give us a complete talk about the history of the winery, the province and, most importantly, the wines. They will tell us about the production process and at the end we will have a tasting at the Wine Bar.
From here we will go to the Champañera Miguel Mas, where we will have a tour of the vineyards and then they will explain the process of making the Champagne, where they will open us a freshly made champagne and give us to taste all the varieties of it. We will be able to enter the Cava, and we will have lunch in this place a complete bite of cold cuts, cheeses and delicatessen accompanied by a Champagne.
Then finally we will go to the Merced del Estero Winery, where we will have another very complete talk, we will get to know the winery inside and its processes, and then go on to taste 4 varieties of wine, white and red.
To finish we will go to the Zonda Valley, where we will visit the last Sierras Azules winery, where they will give us a tour and tasting.

What we include

  • Foods
Tasting menu
Chopped deli meats and cheeses (Lunch)
I mean
  • Transport
Transportation from where they request it and then I will take them back to where they request it.