What will we do?

We will visit the Ischigualasto National Park or also known as Valle de la Luna, to access it we will go by the Panoramic Route 150, where we will see magnificent landscapes and cross tunnels.

How it starts ..

I will look for the passengers where they request it, once we are ready we will leave for the Valle de la Luna Park (Ischigualasto), we will go along the panoramic route R150 through tunnels, beautiful landscapes and spotting native fauna and flora. Once we arrive at the park we will do the tour that lasts approximately 3 hours, where we can learn about what our land was like millions of years ago and learning a lot about dinosaurs. We will see truly amazing landscapes to such an extent that it will seem that we are on another planet, we will see a very similar surface to the Moon. We will also be able to visit a museum inside the park where there are easy remains and where they will demonstrate how these remains are found and the process that is followed to extract them.

What we include

  • Foods
Mattes and food to share
I mean
  • Transport
Transportation from where they request it and then I will take them back to where they request it.